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(All images have Aspect Ratios of 3:2, and can potentially be printed in sizes to 150 x 225" / 12.5 x 18.75'.)

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(*Sales tax and shipping are included in all purchases shipped within the continental U.S.)

Pricing By Size & Media Type

Acrylic Print w / Metal Line Case 


36 x 24"              $1,099 - 


60 x 40"             $2,775 - (Contact us to discuss order options)

Metal Line cases in gold, black, silver and white.

Commercial Size

85 x 57"                 $13,900

105 x 70"               $23,900

 - (Contact us to discuss sizing & media options.) 

Several other sizes and media types, both larger and smaller, are available on all prints.

   All pieces are printed to order, and take up to 2 wks., from time of order, to deliver to the purchaser.
   Payments are made in full at time of order, and will be withheld by Pay Pal until the piece has been delivered to the buyer.
   When UPS / Fed Ex has a signature that the piece has been received, the payment will be charged by Pay Pal and released to Glenn Conant Studios / Abstract Art Galleries.

   All images are also available in metal or metallic paper, as well as acrylic or large format paper prints (Commercial Size.)(Contact us for details)
   (Contact us for sizes and prices not shown in the pricing panels above.)
   Many images are also available in metallic paper in sizes to to 80 x 120", although we would need to verify with the our printing company that the image has the correct pixilation to be enlarged to the desired size.

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