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   Abstract Art Galleries is an art gallery dedicated to creating and presenting the absolute finest in large scale abstract art to you, our valued customer.
   Our abstract art is created from scratch, and is designed to celebrate the beauty of color and form, rather than simply documenting a subject that is already in existence.
   We typically do not have a set idea as to what we want to create, preferring to allow our creativity to flow until we have attained a piece that is absolutely striking in its beauty. (This typically takes several days, as our art is always better when we leave it, to come back to it later.) No piece is completed in less than 3 - 4 sittings.
   Our abstract art, done in 3:2 Aspect Ratio, lends itself beautifully to larger sizes, and is offered in 20 x 16" through 60 x 40" sizes, in several different media types, and up 70 x 105" as a Masterprint. (although most can be printed in much larger sizes to 170 x 227",  pixilation 12,288 x 16,384, if the medium allows.)

AAG M20.png

Mission Statement

   Our mission, here at Abstract Art Galleries, is to create only the finest images and process them using the highest quality materials available, while at the same time treating you, the customer, as we ourselves would expect to be treated. 


Glenn Conant

About Abstract Art Galleries

   Abstract Art Galleries is an abstract art business owned and operated since 2014 by Glenn Conant of Milton, Vt.

   We specialize in high quality organic abstract art which we create in our studios in Milton, Vermont. 

Unauthorized Use Of Images

   All of the images on this website are the sole and exclusive property of Abstract Art Galleries.

   Use of these images, for any reason, without the expressed written permission of Abstract Art Galleries, is strictly forbidden.

Contact Us

We can be contacted by e-mail, text or telephone.

To reach us by phone, call us toll free at (877)-574-4460 or locally at (802)373-4263.

(Use the 802 # to reach us by text.)

Reach us by e-mail at: 

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